Media Log Part 2

This day was pretty normal for me. The only thing that wasn’t normal was that I babysat that night from 5:30-10. I am most exposed to snapchat. That is my main source of communication with others and I use it often. I was exposed to the most media during my lunch hour, when i got … More Media Log Part 2

Media Log

6am- Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Email 7-Snapchat, instagram 7:15- Radio 7:35-Snapchat7:40-Powerpoint 8:35- Computer Lab 9:25- imessage 9:30- imessage 9:35- millennial video 9:50- imessage 9:52- imessage 9:53- imessage 10:30- Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, imessage 11:20- snapchat 11:26- snapchat 11:50- snapchat 12:15 pm – snapchat, imessage 12:32- snapchat 12:56- snapchat 1:03- snapchat 1:09- snapchat 1:22- snapchat 1:39-snapchat 2:07- snapchat … More Media Log

Most Liked

1. This is one of my senior pictures. It involves me. 2. The general audience who liked this post is mostly my classmates with a few others. 3. The occasion of this post was just senior year. Posting a senior picture in the middle of senior year, most people can relate to wanting to be … More Most Liked

Generation Like

1. It is interesting to think that people think that people think of likes as currency. I think people think of likes as currency because the more money you have the more people in this generation think highly of you. It is the same thing with likes on any social media outlet. The more likes … More Generation Like