YouTube in 2017

What is YouTube?

YouTube has become a way to begin careers in video, music and many other things. Many people who want to launch a career in one of those categories, add themselves to YouTube. They post videos of themselves for other people to view and enjoy. If you post a video on YouTube you are hoping for lots of subscribers, likes and views. It is almost as if those likes and subscribers are a way of validation. YouTube can also just be used as a form of entertainment. People enjoy watching funny videos that other put on YouTube. Not all videos that are posted are just to be funny. YouTube also offers a variety of other videos such as music, how-to, tutorials, informative, and educational. Since is has expanded, the audience has grown so much more. It is no longer only for kids who are just looking to watch someone do something funny. Now, everyone is on it. There is something for everyone. You can also customize YouTube for your needs. Subscribing and liking videos allows YouTube to see what you like and it will customize what it will show you based on what it thinks you will like. YouTube has advanced so much since it first came out and now it is for everyone.


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