Video Commentary Part 1

“Love on the brain” – Rihanna

1. This song is about Rihanna talking about loving someone and how that is all that she can think about.

2. The attitude is somewhat blue and depressing. She makes it seem that she loves someone that she can’t have and she talks about the struggles she faces with that.

3.the music video fits the song because in the video she is mostly alone and cutenoff from other people. At one part she looks like she is trapped.

4. The lifestyle in this video is not very far off from an average person. She more portrays her loniness then her money in this video.

5. My opinion of this video is that it really seems to fit the song well. Rihanna does a nice job portraying what she is trying to say in the song into the video. While watching the video it gives you a sense of sadness and feeling trapped. With the way the lighting and the background looks.



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