The Playlist

1.  “Love on the Brain”-Rihanna- Pop-2016

2. “Congratulations” -Post Malone- Pop-2016

3. “Or Nah” -Somo- Pop- 2015

4. “Ride” -Somo- Pop-  2014

5. “Formation” -Beyoncé- Pop-2016

6. “6 inch” -Beyoncé- Pop- 2016

7. “Needed  Me” -Rihanna- Pop-2016

8.”Go Flex”-Post Malone- pop-2016

9. “Just the way you are” – Bruno Mars- pop

10. “Marry me” – Jason Derulo- pop

This list r flecks my taste in music because it shows that I generally listen to the same types of music by different artists. I like the songs that seem upbeat and have a good beat to them. I do like songs from other genres too such as rap and occasionally country but I feel that the songs on this list and the ones I listen to the most.


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