Stone, Brad.”Uber hires veteran NASA engineer to develop flying cars.” Bloomberg. 2 February, 2017. WEB. 6 February, 2017.

Former NASA engineer, Mark Moore, has left NASA to join Uber technologies. He will be helping develop the flying car. It will be an air taxi with a range of 50-100 miles. Charging in between passengers.

“Bloomberg” is headquartered in Manhattan, New York. It is related to sources such as CNBC, and Goldmam Sachs. This topic relates to trends in media today because it deals with technology specific to our generation.

Rizos, Chris and Gran, Donald. ” The science behind GPS tracking a continent that’s constantly in motion.” The conversation. 7, February 2017. 7 February,2017.

This article was about trying to track the movement of Australia and how that effects our gps satellites.

“The Conversation” is an independent news organization. They post mainly scientific articles. It is ran by acedemic journalists.




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