Generation Z

Source #1

Williams, Alex. “Move over Millennials, here comes Generation Z.” The New York Tims. 18 September,2015. 10 February, 2017. 

1. Generation Z was born in the mid 90’s- late 2000’s making them between the ages of 5-19 years old. 

2. “We are the first true digital natives.” -Hannah Payne. Generation Z is surrounded by technology. “Generation Z takes in information instantaneously and loses it just as fast.” 

3. Part of the obsession with safety’s due to previous experiences of members of this generation and those who came before them. 

4.” Put it all together- the privacy, the caution, the focus in sensible careers- and Generation Z starts to look less like the brash millennials and more like their grandparents (or in some cases, their great-grandparents)” Mr. Howe said. 
Source #2

The center for generational kinetics. “Top 10 Gen Z questions answered.” 10, February 2017

1. Generation Z is highly educated and more will attend and graduate from college then any other previous generation. 

2. Generation Z wants to make a difference in the world. Many participate in volunteering and want so have careers that are impactful . 


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