Pop Music

I think that pop music all sounds similar. Inthink that so many opppose it because it has become so basic.  People like to listen to new music that hasn’t been hard before.

Artist Interview

Part 1: the tab.com/us/Pitt/2016/05/05/exclusive-interview-some-2051 In this article I learned that Joseph Somo likes to make music about things that he feels are important to him. He says that his music usually represents him emotions and how he is feeling. Part 2: “Ride” by Somo speaker-The speaker is Joesph Somo. He is a singer/ songwriter. He … More Artist Interview

The Playlist

1.  “Love on the Brain”-Rihanna- Pop-2016 2. “Congratulations” -Post Malone- Pop-2016 3. “Or Nah” -Somo- Pop- 2015 4. “Ride” -Somo- Pop-  2014 5. “Formation” -Beyoncé- Pop-2016 6. “6 inch” -Beyoncé- Pop- 2016 7. “Needed  Me” -Rihanna- Pop-2016 8.”Go Flex”-Post Malone- pop-2016 9. “Just the way you are” – Bruno Mars- pop 10. “Marry me” – … More The Playlist

Social Media Activism

Campaigning had become so simple since everyone is always constantly connected. It allows you to be active without having to actually march in a rallly. You can show people the issues you support by simply liking a post. In order to market and campaign successfully you have to understand the consumer or audience. Social Media … More Social Media Activism