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Research Abstract

Online shopping has forever changed the way that retail works. Shoppers no longer rely on a salesperson to show them the best products, many have done research and know what they are looking for before they even walk into the store. Through new technology such as interactive videos, and 360 degree views of products, the … More Research Abstract

YouTube in 2017

What is YouTube? YouTube has become a way to begin careers in video, music and many other things. Many people who want to launch a career in one of those categories, add themselves to YouTube. They post videos of themselves for other people to view and enjoy. If you post a video on YouTube you … More YouTube in 2017


2 songs that connect historically are “La La La” by Shakira and “We are one” by Pitbull. These songs connect because of the 2017 World Cup in Brazil. 2 songs that connect topically are “Scars to your beautiful” by Alesia Cara and “Try” by Colbie Caillat. These songs are connected because they both talk about … More Connections


Consider the motivations of both Nev and Angela: I think that Angela had the motivations to do this because of her life and the situation that she is in. From the looks of the movie, it seems as though her life is hard. I think that she just wanted to escape her current life and … More Catfish

Pop Music

I think that pop music all sounds similar. Inthink that so many opppose it because it has become so basic. ┬áPeople like to listen to new music that hasn’t been hard before.

Artist Interview

Part 1: the In this article I learned that Joseph Somo likes to make music about things that he feels are important to him. He says that his music usually represents him emotions and how he is feeling. Part 2: “Ride” by Somo speaker-The speaker is Joesph Somo. He is a singer/ songwriter. He … More Artist Interview